Huuskola Ice cream

We proudly make our ice creams with the rewarded Farmhouse ice cream™ -concept, which includes more than 2500 recipies and flavour combinations.

We strive to manufacture ice cream flavors always according to the season, such as in autumn, we use local berries to give our ice creams unique and autenthic flavor.

The ingredients we use are produced in the nearby areas. The milk comes from our own farm tank. The cream is separated from our milk, or sometimes we take it in return batch from the dairy.

  • Ice cream always contains cream, whole milk and egg yolks
  • No milk or eggs used in our sorbets

Handmade dairy products available at our cafeteria:

  • ice creams and sorbets
  • salad cheeses
  • yogurts
  • etc..

Local handicrafts also available!

Come and enjoy our selection!