Welcome to the Farm Huuskola!

The Farm Huuskola is located at Huuskonniemi in Vuokatti. We have a lot of milking cattle, mostly Ayshire. We love Ayshire because it is very active and healthy breed. We have about 30 cows and about 30 calfs aswell.

We have other animals too, for example our working dogs Hippu and Pulla, Lancashire Heelers who despite of their small size keep the cattle herd in order.

Sirpa The Farm Lady:

"As a child, the best place to play was our old, empty barn. We didn't have any cows when I was little but it did not slow the child's imaginative play. I was taking care of my imaginary cows and feeding them with imaginagy feed. I was milking imaginary milk and shoveling imaginary manure, of course."

The Farmer Antti-Jussi:

"When I was 3 years old, my godfather once asked me what I would like as a gift from Santa Claus.
"If I had my own crowbar", I replied. The godfather was very confused and continued to ask why would a child want a present lika that. "It's because i don't always like to borrow it from my dad", I replied.

The years passed by and our paths joined. We became a family and we were blessed with three talented children.